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What is MBHiTech Ad Serving network Server?

MBHiTech Ad Serving network Server is an alternative to Google Adwords and Google Adsense. MBHiTech Ad Serving network Server allows you to advertise your products, Services, websites, or apps via buying targeted traffic from our ad network. and showing ad campaign on website, blog or apps.

A Complete White Label Advertising Server for Ad Serving Networks

Build your own ad network

You can build your own ad network and let your publishing partners sign in their own accounts to get the ad tags, view revenue, and other ad performance reports.

Operate multiple websites that you own

A publisher can operate multiple websites. You can view ad performance reports broken down by each website.

Run an affiliate network

Advertisers, publishers and affiliate partners can register from your website and also you can do so more, You can create advertisers and their ads using any pricing model, including pay per clicks, cpm. The affiliates (site partners, media partners, or publishers) display ad campaigns from their websites.

Impression Recycling

Automatically refresh an ad on the publisher's page after a definable period of time (e.g., 60 seconds) to display a new ad without reloading the page itself. This gives you multiple opportunities to advertise within the same impression.

Container Ads

Purchase a single ad impression, but use it to serve multiple ads. Each ad within the unit can be clicked, tracked and reported independently. There are no limits to how many ads you can serve within a single placement, and individual ads can be ordered and weighted to control exactly where, and how often, they appear.

Ad Type

Text Ads, Banner Ads and Video Ads

Real-Time Reporting

Impressions, clicks, and conversions (sales) are reported within seconds. Graphs and charts allow you to see statistics for any desired date range. And, all reports can be exported for use in Excel. How much money spent by advertisers, how much money earned by publishers, how much profit you/company earned, and much more reports on single click with your filter datewise and more.

Content Delivery Network

Host your creative media on our fast, reliable, content delivery network (CDN). Global content distribution means that your ads will load super-fast, anywhere in the world.

Automatic Revenue Tracking

Use tracking pixels to measure conversions or other actions. Revenue statistics are reported the moment a sale is made.

Fully Hosted Solution

MBHiTech Ad Serving network Server is a fully hosted solution, which means that you can focus on advertising and leave the technical details to us.

Targeting Features Geo-Targeting

where advertiser want to show ads, example advertiser want to show ads in India Delhi only then ads will be shown to only India Delhi visitors.


how much money want to spent on advertisement that can be managed by advertiser with daily budget, monthly budget and monthly budget. Also how many days ads to show and from which date to upto date.

Keywords filter

Advertiser can set keywords to show ads, If any visitor from targeted location searching or looking for laptops then ads will be shown to visitors of only laptops instead of cloths. That is called contextual ads.


We do not take a percentage of your revenue like many other ad network solutions. Our plan has no commission or revenue sharing. We want you to keep much of the money you earn. This application has a flat and fixed monthly fee. You will need to subscribe to an impression plan. The impression plan covers our infrastructure cost to serve and track ads on all publishers within your network. The Application enables the management of multiple site of publishers and partners within your ad network.

Get in Touch

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How it works

Sign up for free advertiser account and add your daily/monthly budget and set your location target and rest we will take care of all.

pay per click advertising


Grow Your Business:

With MBHiTech Ad Serving network Server pay-per-click network, you can advertise on quality publisher's websites within minutes.

100% increase of your advertising ROI. Our contextual advertising delivers the most relevant ads to the right audience.

Drive Traffic to Your Website. Easily build quality links around the web!


Set up cross device branding and performance campaigns to engage users and convert them into paying customers.


Become Publisher

how to make money from website or blog.

We handle the sale of your links through our state of the art marketplace, and our sales team is constantly working to sell ads on your site. Our staff handles the billing and support as well. It's completely hassle free for the publisher.


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